Dedicated Server vs Cloud

Cloud hosting VS Dedicated server? Which one is right for you? Read below to find out.

Cloud web hosting is a more recent technology that has taken of as a very popular choice for many, because of its pay-as-you-use model and lower costs. A cloud is a collection of servers that can easily be expanded at any time. It uses virtualization technology and provisioning software to instantly separate a section of the server resources (RAM, CPU, HDD, etc.) for your use. There’s no wait time, or restart required, you can easily adjust how much resources you need, so you can control your costs by altering how much you need. A dedicated server is exactly that – an entire physical server dedicated exclusively for your use, this is one of the oldest methods of web hosting and offers you complete control. However, it’s a more expensive method of web hosting where your costs are fixed, no matter how little of your server you use.

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