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Why use dedicates server hosting?

The most popular web hosting is shared web hosting, which as the name suggests, shares server resources (RAM, HDD, CPU, etc.) amongst several users on a single server. The main advantage to doing this is to be able to offer cheap hosting services unmatched by any other hosting option, because all the users on the server are contributing a small amount towards the cost of renting that server. But here the drawbacks are several, but mainly limited to poor performance and lack of control. Because all users share the server a surge in traffic on other user’s sites will affect your own, this is especially unacceptable to businesses as your website downtime equals loss in revenue, and lost customers. Also you don’t get any control to manage your web space as the operating system and files are also shared amongst all users.

VPS or Virtual Private Servers offer a better solution here, because they virtualize dedicated space and other resources on the server for each account. This is done to make you feel like you have a dedicated server, with some control to manage your web space. However, it pales in comparison to real dedicated server hosting where an entire physical server is rented out. This offers the best performance unmatched by any other type of web hosting, enhanced data security and complete control of the entire server to manage/change the operating system and web applications as you’d like. The main disadvantage to dedicated server hosting is that it’s not cheap. But, don’t worry this is where we come in. We offer cheap dedicated web hosting at the lowest rates possible without sacrificing any premium features.

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