VPS Hosting

Choose our Virtual Private Servers (VPS) hosting plans, which are completely customizable with the flexibility to upgrade at any time, as and when your needs change - to keep-up with your scalable business requirements. With all our plans, you get full root access for total control, with the ability to customize your hosting environment and manage applications. Our plans offer great affordability with the best features to give you a superior hosting experience. You can even host multiple websites or create unlimited sub-domains with a single plan. Reach a wider audience by giving your business an online address and expand your business services.

VPS hosting provides all the benefits of expensive dedicated server hosting at much more affordable rates, and more features and resources with better security and performance than what shared hosting services provide. Thus it provides a powerful, dependable and hassle-free hosting solution for most businesses. A Virtual Private Server is created by partitioning a complete server into multiple virtual servers, so that each virtual server can run independently on its own dedicated resources. Every VPS can be assigned to a full-fledged operating system, and be independently started/stopped. With VPS hosting you get root access and exclusive resources to give you the benefit of dedicated servers including the flexibility of being able to customize your web applications, but at much more affordable rates.

Our features:

With our state-of-the-art server hardware housed in our world-class datacenters, you get blazing fast performance for your website and web applications; and with regular off site backups, you get data security and complete peace of mind. You can use our powerful control panel to manage your services, including resource management or to maintain your web space. All our VPS hosting plans are backed by our expert technical support available 24/7 via phone, chat or email, to assist you at any time. Select from a variety of hosting plans or to contact us and customize a plan with the options you want.