Cheap VPS Hosting India

Empower your website with our VPS hosting platform provided at cheap, affordable rates from a leading service provider in India.

VPS (Virtual Private Servers) offers to be the perfect solution for those looking to get the power and security of a dedicated server at much cheaper rates. We apply OpenVZ virtualization software to our VPS nodes which divides each physical server into smaller virtual servers, allocating dedicated resources (memory, hard disk space, etc.) to each created server. These virtual servers now act as their own server, making it impossible for other users to gain access to your server or drain any resources from it. Thus you are guaranteed to get the resources you paid for. Unlike other VPS service providers we do NOT oversell our servers, meaning there is always resource headroom on the physical server for your website or web applications to dip into should they need it, improving performance greatly.

Our Key Features:

Our VPS hosting services are highly scalable and secured, meaning you can change your plan or server resources, as and when necessary, to cope with your growing business needs. We offer our services with premium features at the cheapest rates in India. Our cPanel and Plesk control panels can be used by web designers, developers or just novices to offer complete power to managing your hosting space with additional management and security tools. With its highly intuitive and customized user interface you can easily manage your website and web applications. It supports all the latest technologies and delivers outstanding performance and security.

We include robust security features like customizable firewalls, DDoS and malware protection with all our VPS plans. Our datacenters in the U.S include both automated and manual detection of DDoS attacks to mitigates damage with a pre-defined set of rules. In an emergency, during a large scale attack, we disable the attacked IP so that all other IPs and services on the server continue to run. Our friendly technical service agents are available 24x7, via phone, chat and email, to assist you with any of your needs at any time. Please connect with us today to get information on our cheap VPS hosting plans or to view all our VPS plans for India and the global market.