Bulk SMS Reseller India

Become our reseller for India and start your own branded Bulk SMS reseller business.

By becoming our reseller in India, you’re able to resell and redistribute SMS credits to your clients under your own brand. So you’re able to sell services directly to others with us remaining anonymous to them. You can serve as many clients as you want under you and distribute credits to them. You don’t require any special skills or knowledge to become a bulk SMS reseller, anyone who has computer access and is familiar with the internet can sign-up. Please make sure you have a computer with good, reliable internet access and SMS credits so you can start sending a few SMS to some contacts. You can then start sending SMS to your contacts and establish a network of clients to bring in repeated SMS orders so you can expand your business and increase your network. There are no limits to how many clients you can have under you. You can even provide reseller accounts to your clients.

Our Key Features:

It’s easy to make your Bulk SMS reselling in India flourish. Once you’ve established a small network of clients and resellers you can try to get repeated orders for SMS services and increase revenue for your business and also expand your client network. You benefit by becoming our reseller, as we provide a really low rates for SMS credits with time validity. These are wholesale prices that are being offered to you. You can resell these credits at a much increased retail rate to profit from it, but must do so within the time validity, which is usually around 1 year.

You get to keep all the profits made between buying at wholesale rates and selling at retail Bulk SMS, and also if your clients are unable to use credits within the time validity, then those credits are re-credited to your account. If you require any additional information on our services or want to speak to us about our options, please contact our friendly customer service agents in India, who’re available 24x7 via phone, chat and email to assist you at any time. You can also to view all our bulk SMS reseller plans in India.