Java Web Hosting India

We are the leading provider of java web hosting services in India. We provide hosting support for JSP, tomcat, jboss, private jvm, and much more. Our Java web hosting plans are cheap and affordable, giving you plenty of disk space, unlimited monthly data transfer and other great features. We offer the best
java web hosting plans in India, which are ideal for Business and personal Java websites and applications. Our Powerful web-based control panel gives you the ability to manage the server and your hosting options at your fingertips. All major Java frameworks like Struts, Springs, Stripes, Tapestry, Hibernate etc. are supported by our hosting plans. You can also manage your website with the unlimited ftp access we provide.

Our Java Hosting Features:

We offer private Java virtual machines (JVMs), Private JVMs are more stable and secure than shared JVMs since your applications have dedicated heap memory and virtual space available to them. Another advantage is that you have exclusive access to restart the private instance anytime you want, making Private JVMs ideal for more complex applications and higher traffic websites, this also ensures better uptime of your Java applications.Private JVMs offer better compatibility for more complex frameworks such as JSP, JSF, Spring, Servlets, Hibernate, Struts, JSTL, etc., and offer better security for them. You also get complete control over your instance by starting/stopping or configuring application server including setting up different contexts, modifying the server.xml and access to tomcat logs.You can also choose and change your preferred Java containers (Tomcat, JBoss, Jetty, Glassfish, etc.) with our NGASI management interface.

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