Linux vs Windows Web Server

Find out the differences between Linux vs Windows web server, and choose the one that’s right for you.

Linux or Windows? They both offer equal functionality, so which one do you need? Linux is a freely available server operating system, which allows hosting companies to keep costs low and hence are cheaper that Windows server, where a fee has to be paid to Microsoft. Both offer reliable performance, high security and inter-compatible features. It doesn’t matter what OS you or your website visitors use, it does not affect the server in any way. Windows server provides easier to use tools, with the ability to create multiple users, and is also preferred to run Microsoft web technologies like ASP, Dot Net, etc. Linux is globally the most used OS and so you can get support from many forums. Windows offers its own technical support via Microsoft technicians. We recommend you choose Linux OS if you don’t specifically need to run Microsoft web technologies like ASP, Dot Net, MS-SQL, etc.

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