Linux Hosting Vs Windows Hosting

Let us help you choose between Linux hosting vs Windows hosting.

As a leading web hosting service provider who offers both Linux and Windows server operating system choices, we get asked this a lot - “Would you recommend Linux or Windows hosting?”. The key distinction is that they are two completely different server OSes with a variety of diverse features. Linux in general is a lot more secure and also more efficient than the windows server OS. Linux also provides greater customizability and features and hence is preferred by web developers and programming experts. The greatest advantage Linux has over windows is that it’s completely free. In general, since Windows is more expensive, it is only preferred and used by those who have specific requirements for using it. For example, users who have/want applications to work with ASP, DOT NET, MS-SQL, FrontPage, VB, etc.

In Linux files and directories are case sensitive. For example: “Hosting” and “hosting” are two completely different files. However, in Windows they would both point to the same file/folder. It is vital to point out that the option you choose, whether Linux or Windows does NOT affect compatibility of your visitor’s or yourcomputer. Therefore, if you choose Linux web hosting it doesn’t mean that you or your clients need Linux to access it, you can access it from any computer – even a mac. This is important to note, because it means that your familiarity with either operating system isn’t going to help you, as you’ll be using a similar user interface to get access to the server, no matter which OS you choose.

We’ve detailed out the reasons to choose between Linux and Windows hosting in this article. We hope you’ve benefited by reading it. We would like to remind you that we provide web hosting services with both Linux and Windows choices at cheap, affordable rates and many unlimited options. Please connect with us to learn more about our services or help you choose a plan. Our friendly customer care team is available 24x7 to assist you at any time. Please to view all our Linux and Windows hosting plans.

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