Cloudflare Hosting

Get Free CloudFlare integrated hosting service with top benefits from an industry leading service provider at cheap affordable rates.

In addition to our easy 1-click account activation, you can easily enable and disable CloudFlare on a per domain basis right from the control panel. Get CloudFlare included for free with all our plans. CloudFlare optimizes your website and provides services to improve performance of your website. Upon domain activation, your website’s traffic will be filtered via CloudFlare to optimize your traffic, with this CloudFlare strategically chooses the best exchange points of the Internet. What this means is that CloudFlare handles all your requests and will filters out unwanted requests like bots, crawlers, spiders and malicious traffic thus leaving more available resources for your legitimate visitors, freeing up your resources and bandwidth for your website. Along with these traffic filters, CloudFlare also caches your static content on their servers allowing them to serve users with requests for those files, from the servers closest to their location, providing yet more performance benefits to your website.

Key Features:

Get CloudFlare included for free with your plan when you purchase hosting with us, and CloudFlare is integrated into our control panel for easy access to control and manage it. CloudFlare service includes CloudFlare Apps which allows for easy 1-click installations of some of the most popular web applications available. Get the performance and security benefits your business website deserves, don’t take a chance with cheap just plain vanilla hosting, get all the CloudFlare features at low affordable rates, backed by our dependable friendly customer care available 24x7, around the clock to assist or answer any of your queries.