Cheap Hosting India

What is web hosting?

Website hosting or domain hosting is the most fundamental component of your company's on-line presence. You will need a web hosting provider like us and require a web address so that your website is available to all your current and potential customers. Once we allocate the hosting space to your domain, the website content has to be uploaded in order to be viewed on the internet.

In summary, we assist you in creating and placing your business website on the Web.

Linux or windows hosting?

For your convenience we offer both Linux and Windows hosting servers. Choosing between Linux and windows only affects background programs, services and scripts. To find out which would be best suited to your needs, contact us for a free consultation. We have cheap hosting options for both platforms.

Why choose us?

Web hosting tailored For Small Businesses and bloggers

Our Web Hosting Services are ideal for small Businesses and bloggers. Our account managed Web hosting services are individually managed to put your company's website on priority. Your data is secured with regular server backups and redundancy checks.

Our Services:

Windows Hosting with ASP .Net, MVC, MSSQL & Crystal Reports.

Linux Hosting with PHP, HTML, Joomla, Drupal, MySQL and WordPress.

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