Bulk Email Server India

Create, Send and Track bulk emails from dedicated SMTP servers in India.

Our Key Features:

Use bulk email servers to reach a massive number of clients, and send a large amount of emails instantaneously. We provide many free tools along with our bulk email servers to make using and managing your emails easy. You can use our email validation tool to check email addresses before you send out any emails, and remove invalid or defunct addresses. This will reduce your email bounce rate and increase your success. You can also check your email spam score to determine if your message will end up in an Inbox or Junk folder. Use these tools and others to ensure greater success rates that directly translate into better sales ratios.

We provide extensive tools specially used for bulk email servers that enable you to accomplish your marketing campaigns with great ease. We also offer our bulk email servers at the lowest rates in India making us the best choice for you. Use our bulk mailing solutions to deliver large amounts of emails to huge lists of addresses. With our massive 350,000 emails per day limit, you will not be starved for credits. We also include tools to give you analytics insight into your bulk email campaigns, along with other tools to ensure deliverability.

Our powerful control panel is easily accessible from any remote computer with an internet connection. It gives you insight into your services by offering detailed graphical reports and access to managing your contact lists, among many other advanced features. As a leading web hosting service provider in India, we also offer many other services in addition to our bulk email servers. Our friendly customer care agents in India are available 24x7, via phone, chat and email to assist you with your needs. Talk to us today to get more information about of features and services or to get personalized advice for your business. Please to view all our bulk email plans in India.

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