Bulk Email Hosting

Get powerful, affordable and reliable email hosting services form a top bulk email hosting service provider.

Send bulk emails to your clients, subscribers or for promoting your business/product. A regular web hosting package usually includes some kind of SMTP email services to send business/personal email. However, the amount of emails you can send out are limited, so you cannot use those packages to send huge quantities of emails. Also, our bulk email hosting servers are optimized for the purpose of sending emails so you get specific tools that help you send emails with great success rates. If you use a regular web hosting account to send large amounts of bulk emails you may be blacklisted on the global spam database and that will affect your entire account, including your websites. Also, the web package you have will restrict the amount of email traffic because it will affect all other customer’s outgoing emails. But with specialized technology and optimized tools our bulk email hosting services provide you with hassle-free, affordable and feature-rich services.

Our Optimized servers are dedicated to sending a high volume of bulk emails. They are maintained accordingly and provided a separate network for peak performance. Because these servers are created for bulk email services you won’t be banned for sending bulk emails for marketing, promoting or providing service to customers via bulk emails. You can easily configure your email software on your computer to use SMTP access to send your bulk emails via our server. You can also use our web-based remote control panel to send bulk emails from any remote location. Our friendly customer service agents are available 24x7 via phone, chat and email to aid you whenever you require assistance. Please connect with us to get more information on our bulk email services and features or to get advice on hosting options for your needs. You can to view our bulk email hosting plans.

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