Dedicated Server

Choose our dedicated server web hosting to give you the most performance, control and power for your web space.

Our Key Features:

Dedicated web hosting servers allow you to rent a server that will not be shared with anyone else. This provides you with complete control of the server, including choosing your server operating system, customizing its hardware and all of the software on it. This is the most advantageous option of web hosting for businesses, as website performance will not suffer because of other clients, like it does on shared or VPS hosting. All of the server resources (RAM, CPU, Disk space, etc.) are reserved exclusively for your use. With our fully managed dedicated server hosting we take care of the all the server management including server monitoring, security, software updates and data backups, to offer you less overhead and a larger return on your investment.

With complete administrative access, you get full control of your server, including starting/stopping or restarting the server. Our cPanel and Plesk control panels for Linux and Windows servers respectively, are powerful yet simple to operate. With it you can access and control your server from any remote computer with an internet connection. Use it to perform powerful tasks easily with its drag-and-drop interface. Design your website, maintain your services, reinstall and manage software, change operating systems and perform many more functions from within it.

Our dedicated servers use RAID 10 arrays to store all your data. By using two sets of disks for striping information, disk read and write performance are increased. Also these disks are mirrored as well, under the same RAID 10 configuration, so all your data is stored twice. Our dedicated servers are backed up by our friendly customer service agents, who’re available 24x7 to assist you with all your needs. Connect with us today to learn more about our features/services. Please to view all our dedicated server plans.

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