Cloud Server India

Get cloud based hosting with premium features and skilled support at the cheapest prices in India.

Cloud hosting allows an unlimited number of servers to operate as a single one, which is termed as a “cloud”. This is also sometimes referred to as a cluster or grid hosting. There are advanced technologies involved within this cloud to enable all the servers to perform in a unified manner with maximum performance and reliability. The main advantage to cloud based hosting is that it doesn’t just rely on a single server, but rather the entire group of servers working together that forms the cloud. This makes more beneficial than other hosting options like using a dedicated server or VPS, etc. With experience of over 15+ years in the web hosting industry, our experience and expertise allow us to provide leading hosting services at economical rates unmatched by our competition in India or globally. We provide flexible plans that can be customized to meet any customers need.

Our Key Features:

Choose from numerous operating system options including many flavors of Linux and Windows to completely customize your web space to your hosting requirements from the ground up. Install any of the 300+ applications, scripts, etc., provided for free easily onto your website for a completely customized experience. We have you covered with our best-in-class tier 4 datacenters located in the U.S.A, that can provide all the flexibility you may require for your scaling business needs.

Our robust network is capable of handling even the largest demands of data throughput easily. All these features and more are offered to you at the lowest prices in the industry including India. You can contact our friendly customer service agents 24x7, at any time convenient to you to get more information on our services or if you have any queries. If you’d like to see all our cloud hosting based plans, then please visit our website.

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