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Establishing an online presence is becoming a necessity for businesses nowadays. This is especially true in India, where more and more businesses have web services to cater to their customers. The cheapest web hosting you can get for your company is shared web hosting. Although shared web hosting is the cheapest, it also has most disadvantages. Your website’s performance decrease any time other shared accounts have a high volume of traffic. You don’t get control over your web space and other users may be able to view your content stored on the server. Because of these disadvantages businesses are recommended to stay away from shared web hosting.

Dedicated web hosting offers the most features, since an entire server is completely dedicated to you. However, this is obviously also the most expensive way of web hosting, that many companies cannot justify, although it offers the best features. VPS or Virtual Private Servers are similar to dedicated hosting in a variety of ways. Using virtualization technology, a server is virtually separated into several virtual servers with dedicated resources (RAM, CPU, HDD, etc.) and you get complete control of your virtual server. This is the most ideal web hosting for businesses and recommend as the best option to companies looking for value web hosting.

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