Linux VPS Hosting Delhi

Get the best VPS web hosting services loaded with premium features from the leading service provider in Delhi.

Our Key Features:

Linux and Windows VPS (Virtual Private Servers) stand out from regular cheap hosting services, as they offer so much more at really low prices. Although shared web hosting is cheaper, shared resources means that high traffic on another user’s website can impact your site and applications, slowing your website down to a grinding halt and resulting in an unsatisfactory web experience for your customers. This gets many people, especially business website owners thinking of getting dedicated server hosting, where an entire server is rented out.

This is a very expensive alternative, although it does offer many advantages. The sweet-spot of web hosting is VPS, because a server’s resources (disk space, RAM, bandwidth, etc.) can be shared and set as dedicated to a specific user, meaning those resources cannot be drained by other users on the server, resulting in better website uptime. This also makes VPS web hosting a lot cheaper than dedicated server web hosting while offering similar benefits.

With cPanel and Plesk control panels on Linux and Windows hosting respectively, you can easily perform a wide range of tasks, such as managing your databases or setting up email accounts, with their simple drag-and-drop interface. Along with VPS hosting we also provide cloud web hosting in Delhi. All our plans are feature-packed and we always strive to offer them at the lowest rates in Delhi. Our dedicated customer care agents are available 24x7 via phone, chat and email to assist you at any time. Please connect with us to get more information on our Linux and Windows VPS services or to get assistance in choosing the best option for your business. You can to view our Linux and Windows VPS plan for Delhi.