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Our Key Features:

VPS offers a better web hosting option for most Indian businesses, as it offers more features and control than shared web hosting. Shared web hosting while cheaper than VPS has many disadvantages. Server resources are shared among all the users on that single server and thus stifle your website’s performance leading to many unsatisfied visitors. Getting a dedicated server will solve this problem as all your resources are dedicated exclusively to you and you get complete access of the server. However, they are very expensive and it doesn’t make financial sense for many businesses to invest in them. Here VPS provides the advantages, with comparable features of dedicated web hosting, complete control of your virtual server and very low affordable prices, they become the best option for most Indian businesses.

Getting an online identity and establishing your online business is becoming a trend for Indian companies. These companies also understand the difference between hosting options, and understand the limitations of shared hosting and excessiveness of dedicated hosting. These Indian companies have come to realize the advantage and balance that VPS hosting offers for their high traffic websites. With shared web hosting, you get no control of your server resources. Choose VPS web hosting to control and manage your virtual server and its resources (RAM, CPU, Disk space, etc.). This plays a major advantage for you, since you can easily adjust your resources to gain more performance or to keep up with a splurge of high web traffic to scale with your growing business needs.

Give your business website the performance it deserves. Don’t lose out to other Indian businesses by choosing inferior web hosting services. Our friendly Indian customer service agents are available 24x7 via phone, chat and email to assist you whenever you need support. Talk to us to get more information on our VPS features and services or to get assistance with choosing the right plan for your business. Please to view our VPS hosting plans.