Cheapest VPS Hosting

Get secure and dependable VPS web hosting at the cheapest rates possible from a top web hosting service provider.

Our VPS (Virtual Private Server) service offers you dedicated server resources, at the cheapest rates possible. We use the latest virtualization technology to separate a single server into separate VPS servers, with dedicated resources that are never shared with any other users, to offer similar performance to a dedicated server, yet at keeping costs much lower. This makes it the most preferred hosting for web developers and business, and anyone who wants their hosting to make financial sense. You get the best of both worlds with high performance and the cheapest costs, with our VPS hosting services. Other web hosting options do not offer high security at these low rates. With VPS your data is isolated from other users on the same server, and our robust security features protect your data from unwanted intruders and malware.

We perform daily full server backups that ensure that your valuable data is never lost, and can be easily recovered within a few minutes. Our fully managed services give you complete control of your web space, without requiring you to maintain your web space, saving you time and money.

Our Key Features:

You get complete administrative access to your VPS server with the ability to install any operating system you choose. Our responsive customer service agents are available 24x7 via chat, email or phone to assist you at any time you need help. Connect with us today to get more information on our services and features, or to get assistance with choosing the right hosting options for yourself. Please to view our cheapest VPS web hosting packages.