Shared Hosting vs Reseller Hosting

We explain the difference between shared hosting vs reseller hosting.

Our Key Features:

We get many requests asking us the same question: what’s the difference between shared hosting vs reseller hosting, so we’re writing this to answer that question and help you understand the various options available. Shared web hosting plans are designed for a single owner to host a single website. It gets the name “shared” because server resources (RAM, CPU, HDD, etc.) are shared among all users on a single server. Although is it possible to host multiple websites, with a shared hosting plan using add-on domains, doing so drastically reduces performance and increases security risk, because if one of your websites is compromised, then intruders can easily gain access to all your other websites. Moreover, you get a single control panel to manage your web space with a shared hosting package.

Reseller web hosting is designed to host multiple websites with multiple clients. So in a way it may seem like many shared hosting accounts together. It is most ideal for someone looking to start a web hosting company, or for web developers with multiple clients or anyone who has the need to host multiple websites. Reseller hosting packages include WHM (Web Host Manager) to manage all your clients, resources, services and to automatically bill your clients and manage them. We provide you with unlimited control panels, and you can offer each of your clients one to manage their web space.

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